Thursday, April 20, 2006

Worst Concerts Ever

Last week I blogged about worst albums ever and I was inspired to come up with a list of worst concerts. As a heavy concert-goer I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly but some are not as ugly as this list I pulled together from the various staff here:

  1. Tesla, The Orpheum, Apri 5, 2001: Okay my secret is out, I love hair bands and 80s metal but this show took the cake. As I was walking into the concert, Jeff Keith stumbled off the tour bus drunk as a skunk. When it came time to perform he fell down, passed out and forgot the lyrics to a song. The band, to their defense, tried to fill in. When he came to, he dove across the stage like a bat out of hell (sorry Meatloaf) and fell down again knocking down equipment. I blame the cocaine for that one. That's the one and only concert I went to where I wanted my money back. They were so bad I left before it was over.
Here are some of the other Topaz-ers concerts:
  1. Beach Boys + Oak Ridge Boys, 1985 - Need I say more?
  2. Green Day, Hatch Shell - had my kids, cops with nightsticks, very ugly
  3. Buster Poindexter, 1988 - Compared to everything else I’ve seen in person, he’s just at the bottom of the list. I just remember being bored and thinking his days were numbered.
  4. Grateful Dead, Boston Garden, 1990 - Jerry had his back to the audience most of the show, forgot the words to songs he has sung 20,000 times. Drooled on himself.
  5. Bon Jovi, Slippery When Wet tour at Great Woods - I arrived late with free WZBC tickets; escorted to seats up front but had to pause as Jon landed on a pedestal right next to us in middle of seats. Buddy and I flipped him off as he looked at us and 14 years girls in back decided to shriek in our ears as revenge.
  6. Mr. Mister - because I learned no woman is worth that concert.
  7. Damn Yankees opening up for Bad Company - Bad Company was great. Damn Yankees had a picture of Saddam Hussein that Ted Nugent shot flaming arrows at. Which was cool. But the 20 minute guitar solos at the end of every song ruined the cool flaming arrow bit.
  8. Kenny Loggins - Tickets were free and I simply couldn't say no to the girl I was dating at the time. The only thing that saved the night was the many beers we consumed prior to entering the outdoor arena.
  9. Thomas Dolby - While this was in the prime of the '80s, one song ("She Blinded me with Science") does not equate to a good performance. The warm-up band, Talk Talk, actually put on a much better show.


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