Friday, February 03, 2006

Spreading the Hate: Olympics Mascots, Part I

Maybe I'm just a curmudgeon, maybe it's just a Boston thing, but I hate Olympics mascots. Always have, always will. Torino 2006 is especially hateful, so I thought I would take a trip down memory lane (mind the potholes), and review Winter Olympics Mascots past....

2006, Torino, "Neve" and "Gliz": Two marshmallows?!? Ok, they are supposed to be "Snow and Ice," but I still think the slogan should be "Give me s'more medals."

Ciao yerself

2002, Salt Lake City, "Powder" the Hare; "Copper" the Coyote; "Coal" the Bear

Also known as Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Wolf and Br'er Bear.

1998, Nagano: "Snowlets." I think those are supposed to be owls. Owls eat mice-- that's it. Oh, and they're wise. These aren't even snow owls!

Was Baatz-Maru busy? He would have been a kickin' logo for Japanese games! And he's a penguin!

1994, Lillehammer, "Haakon" and "Kristin", Norwegian child folk characters.

Does this mean they are not original characters?

They only had 2 years to come up with these instead of the usual 4, so I guess this is the best they could do.

1992, Albertville, "Magique", animated Savoyard Star.

Looks like a cross between a rogue Jack-in-the-Box and an origami project gone awry.

1988, Calgary, "Hidy" and "Howdy" the Welcome Polar Bears.

This from the country that gave us hockey goons.
Let's give them Timothy Treadwell's scent and see if their expressions change to something less cute.

1984, Sarajevo, "Vucko the Wolf"

Actually, he's got a Bode Miller thing going there

1980, Lake Placid, "Roni the Racoon."

What best represents the USA? I know, an oversized rodent that roots through trash cans and carries rabies!

1976, Innsbruck: "Schneemandl". That means "snowman" but would be a great name for horror movie.

Beware the Schneemandl!!!

1968, Grenoble, "Shuss"

Shuss yourself.

Part II will cover the summer Olympics. The horror, the horror...

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