Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Worst Albums Ever

So today I asked an opinion of everyone in the office. What do you consider the worst albums ever and why? I got some varied opinions. Here goes:
  1. Van Halen, Van Halen 3 - I love Van Halen and loved Extreme and Gary Cherone. The combination of the two. It sounded like Van Halen lost that loving feeling and didn't know what it was like to be Van Halen. Gary sounded a bit out of place but you gotta love a guy for trying.
  2. Zee, Identity - This album was eventually sold for $70 on eBay to someone in Japan. There's a reason why it's rare.
  3. TLC, Crazy, Sexy, Cool - The CD didn't live up to the hype of "Waterfalls."
  4. Coldplay, X&Y - Highly derivate. It’s too easy to play “spot the influence” on this CD. Also, how many songs about Gwenyth Paltrow need there be?
  5. Michael Jackson, Dangerous - This album showed the clear, early signs of his/her screaming decline in music ability and lack of coolness after "Thriller."
  6. Chumbawumba, Tub Thumping - No fashion sense whatsoever, and they were a one hit wonder. Songs all sounded the same but hey, EVERYONE had it. It was almost as popular as yo-yo’s.
Tomorrow is the list of worst concerts. This is going to be a good one.


At 2:17 PM, Blogger Adam Zand said...

Juliet Letters by Elvis Costello. Love the King, but hate this concept album. Classy Brodsky Quartet is far cry from Attractions.


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