Friday, February 03, 2006

Spreading the Fear; Olympic Mascots, Part II

To be fair, I have also lined up mascots from Summer Olympics past--
lined them up, that is, in fron tof my own one-man firing squad

1968, Mexico City, "The Dove of Peace" (unofficial).

The "black power salute" was also unoffical, I believe

1972, Munich, "Waldi the Dachsund"

When I think "athletic achievement," I think "short, stubby legs" When I think "Olga Korbut," I think "Dachsund"

1976, Montreal, "Amik the Beaver"

At least the dachsund had legs. This could be an eggplant with a tail.

1980, Moscow, "Misha the Bear"

How could anyone boycott that adorable face?

Also, "Vigri," the Baby Seal, represented yachting events in Tallinn
-- yacht--club--baby seal; I see the connection

1984, Los Angeles, "Sam the Eagle"--

Mr. Ueberroth, there's a Mr. Henson on the line for you, says it's urgent. Something about copyright infringement?

1988, Seoul, "Hodori and Hosuni," the Tiger Cubs

They're Grrrrrrrreat!

1992, Barcelona, "Cobi," a mountain sheep dog with human shape

See, with the eyes on both side of its face, I thought it was a flounder.

1996, Atlanta, "Izzy," (The original name was Whatizit)

I've got nothing. It's at once too easy and too difficult to make fun of this. I weep for my country

2000, Sydney, "Syd," the Platypus; "Millie," the Echidna; "Olly," the Kookaburra

Don the Dingo and Winston the Wallaby were apparently dejected at being passed over

2004, Athens, "Athena" and "Phevos," two children of modern times, brother and sister

Because historical characters bear no meaning for an Olympics held in Athens

2008, Beijing, "Friendlies":"Beibei" the Fish, "Jingjing" the Panda, "Huanhuan" the Olympic Flame, "Yingying" the Tibetan Antelope, "Nini" the Swallow

Catch 'em all! These cute little figures are what pop up if you type "democracy" into Google China


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