Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blazing Saddles vs History of the World

One of the controveries that has gripped mankind in the past century has been the angry debate on whether History of the World or Blazing Saddles was the best Mel Brooks movie.

I am here to end this debate. It is Blazing Saddles. History of the World is hysterical, don't get me wrong. But Blazing Saddles is a constant barrage of one liners and jokes. There is not let down at all. Gene Wilder is perfect.

If you disagree, please say so and I will challenge you to a movie line quote dual from the two movies.


At 6:49 AM, Blogger DougH said...

History of the World is an uneven disappointment with a lot of funny moments.

Blazing Saddles is like a brilliant Bugs Bunny cartoon, hysterical from start to finish. I would rank Young Frankenstein right next to it, for its loving recreation of the look of the early Frankenstein movies (and for being even funnier than the original "Bride of Frankenstein")

For my money, the original "Producers" is still Brooks' best and funniest film. It combines vaudeville/Borscht-Belt comedy with a 1960's Manhattan sensibility that is forever lost, and bravura performances from Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder (among others). I give that movie 5 Blue Blankies.

All three of those movies are as quoatable as can be, and unlike with the Monty Python movies, I don't get sick of those quotes.

Special kudos to anyone who knows where the name "Olson Johnson" comes from.

At 12:03 PM, Blogger Adam Zand said...

Impossible to get this movie approved today, correct?


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