Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Queen and Paul Rogers: Say it ain't so

First off, I like Bad Company and was a huge fan of the Firm (Radioactive was my top choice on a juke box at the Schine Auditorium billiards center in Syracuse.)

But man, who thinks that the lead singer of Free, Bad Company and the Firm can replace Freddie. This shouldn't even be a question. Just tour with Brian May to small venues. But this is not Queen. Freddie Mercury cannot be replaced. The only ones who could possibly even come close are David Lee Roth circa 1982, Prince or George Michael (who did a great cover back at the Queen tribute concert.)

But even those three wouldn't make this a good idea. When Mozart died did they just drag out some stiff, throw a big powdered wig on his head and say "here is Mozart." No. Could there be a Fall Guy without Lee Majors? No.

Queen was all four of them. Without all four of them, this is just a tribute band. Brian Mays is a genius, but no way I can get excited about this.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Paul Weller is cooler than you

Paul Weller at Avalon, Boston, September 25, 2005
Quick recap of a show that a few of the Topaz aging hipsters and friends/family attended last night. I must admit that it took me several songs to hear one I knew (but still loved the musicianship, timeless voice, band dynamic and even Paul's aging 48 year-old rocker/strummer vibe and slightly heavy look). Later, I had the life checklist moment of hearing "That's Entertainment" live – Top ten song in history of pop music? He threw in rousing "Shout to the Top" (my friend Tracy was beaming as it was at a Style Council show in London around 1985 that she realized she was in love with her future husband), "Wild Wood" (need to iPod that album soon, DougH, please), great news songs like intense "Savages" and the encore was amazing "Town Called Malice" (I knew it was coming as he hadn't touched the tambourine all night – I reinvented the pogo dance for that tune).

I haven't seen any reviews or blog posts but this Billboard article will get you excited about the next "Modfather" album (and next tour?)

DougH might jump in on this post but he shared a good Boston Phoenix preview where the Jam references and closing, bolded line hit home for yours truly -

"His icon status isn’t his problem; it’s mine. I’ll never shake what he represented with the Jam — the beautifully angry young man. The self-possessed certainty that fueled the Jam also served him when he made abrupt career turns, first with the Continental soul of Style Council, then with mercurial solo albums like his new As Is Now, a V2 import set for US release from Yep Roc on October 11. The new disc is mature, passionate rock played by a band who contain their genre wanderlust by sticking to what they do well. Of course, any new Weller release is bound to get propped up by scrapbook memories. It’s not so much the artist gets old as that you do. Training a critical eye on any performer who was it for you at a formative period in your life also means re-evaluating large chunks of your life."

I'm just glad that I finally saw Paul Weller - especially as I'm still in the extended "formative period" of my life.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Reports of Dinosaurs' Extinction are Greatly Exaggerated...

What is going on?

First the Rolling Stones' new album gets great reviews, now Paul McCartney...
Maybe the Who should go back and complete that album they were planning while the critics are in a good mood....

Who's the next "dinosaur" act to re-hab their recorded reputations?