Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day - Howard and Beth Engaged

Shock jock Howard Stern says he's engaged

NEW YORK -- Howard Stern is engaged to Beth Ostrosky, the veteran shock jock announced on his radio program this morning.

Stern, who divorced his first wife Alison in 1999 after some 20 years of marriage, has repeatedly said he would never get married again.

He denied rumors of marriage as recently as last week.

Stern, 53, left commercial radio in 2005 and joined Sirius Satellite Radio, where his morning radio show is aired "uncensored."

He starred in the 1997 motion picture "Private Parts," based on career, which launched in Hartford. Much of the film focused on his relationship with his first wife.

In typical Stern fashion, he joked today that he removed Ostrosky's uterus to guarantee the couple will not have children.

"I see my married friends with children and it seems like absolute torture to me," Stern said this morning.

Callers to the Stern show are ridiculing the shock jock because of the announcement.

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