Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Queen and Paul Rogers: Say it ain't so

First off, I like Bad Company and was a huge fan of the Firm (Radioactive was my top choice on a juke box at the Schine Auditorium billiards center in Syracuse.)

But man, who thinks that the lead singer of Free, Bad Company and the Firm can replace Freddie. This shouldn't even be a question. Just tour with Brian May to small venues. But this is not Queen. Freddie Mercury cannot be replaced. The only ones who could possibly even come close are David Lee Roth circa 1982, Prince or George Michael (who did a great cover back at the Queen tribute concert.)

But even those three wouldn't make this a good idea. When Mozart died did they just drag out some stiff, throw a big powdered wig on his head and say "here is Mozart." No. Could there be a Fall Guy without Lee Majors? No.

Queen was all four of them. Without all four of them, this is just a tribute band. Brian Mays is a genius, but no way I can get excited about this.


At 11:45 AM, Blogger DougH said...

I agree that this sounds like something to skip BUT...

to be fair, they are advertising this as Queen + Paul Rodgers-- and nobody is pretending that PR will replace Mercury, or that Rodgers even sounds anything like him.
By the way, I assume you were referring to this article (registration req'd).

More intriguing from that article is the idea of Todd Rundgren touring with the Cars. Does this mean Elliott Easton's tiki Gods have broken up?

And for the record, Free was the band to listen to if you wanted to catch Paul Rodgers at his best. Bad Company was boring, and the Firm.. well.... Tom Jones did a great cover of one of their songs back in the 80's.


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