Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Greatest Duran Duran song and video

Duran Duran is to 80s pop culture what Beethoven is to deaf German musicians. Quite simply, they were the Alpha and Omega. They ruled the airwaves and MTV when MTV actually played videos.

So I believe that a discussion focused on Duran Duran belongs in the hallowed halls of this blog.

That discussion begins with the basic question of what is the best Duran Duran song and what is the best video (the two do not have to coincide since a Duran Duran video was in itself high-art). And as any clear thinking person will know, the best Duran Duran song is The Reflex and the best video is for Wild Boys.

Now I know some will push for Rio as best song and video. Let me simply state that you are wrong. And yes, Girls on Film is a great video because it introduced scantily clad female models to videos and should be respected for that. But Wild Boys has a dragon type fish thing, guys in mohawks flying and shooting crossbows, some sort of flaming things and the boys triumphantly driving a car at the end like Caesar entering Rome after defeating the barbarian hordes. For my money, you can't beat that.


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Adam Zand said...

Two words for you: "The" "Chauffeur"

At 12:16 AM, Blogger Paul in Tokyo said...

AZ - Hittin' you up from Tokyo!

Thanks for the heads up on the blog. I have to chime in with my 50-cent.

While not greatest the - I agree The Reflex is pretty tight ... but I have always felt the most underrated Duran Duran song is the mesmerizing "All She Wants Is".

From their Decade - Greatest Hits album. (read: cassette)

It was their last of that 80's era DD sound, albiet early 90's. And before they had their first come-back.

The sampled female "exhaling" and hand claps are classic.

But it is the creepy, oozing, evil, keyboard hook that lingers in your mind after the song ends.

The wailing minor guitars during the solo section add an eerie edge to the song.

The video was also a blurry, stuttering, sample and loop experiment. Not great - but memorable.

By the time the songs begins to end chorus and fade and Simon is moaning - you are in the song!

This song transitioned me from POPy-synth to what was about to come next ...

... Trent Reznor's Pretty Hate Machine.

NIN took everything I loved about Information Society - added testicles - and drew me to the Pit where I could kick ass!

T-Zone. Out!

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