Friday, June 17, 2005

Wang Chung was horrible - Lengthy post

Ouch. Sometimes in life we build something up so much with antincipation and then it is just a complete and total disaster with almost no redeeming qualities. Case in point: Last night's "Hit Me Baby One More Time."
Random thoughts drafted while watching the tape until near midnight (I went to "It Came From Outer Space" in 3-D at the Coolidge Corner - now that's entertainment) ...

Wang Chung (reminder: my predicted winner) - Round 1 - Caught the last phrase of "Have Fun Tonight," which I was until hearing them sing. Round 2 - I love Nelly like a 14 year-old, but it took me one sung note of "Hot in Here" to say 'Aaaah, They've lost!' and reach in panic for the FF button. The host (more on him later) recap interview is amazing. He of course asked the trite "you've kept the meaning of WC secret for 20 years, care to share tonight?" question. Let me get this straight - I now know that Mark Felt is the hero on the 1970s, but these twerps will not share their sexual reference naming inspiration?!

Cameo - Round 1 - Codpieces as a fashion statement ended in 14th century England! No more codpieces! Video interview: Did the lead Cameoite just say he's interested in "astrology and metaphysics"? Wait, did he then close by saying "Black is Back" - oblique AC-DC reference, you decide? Round 2 - "1985" by Bowling for Soup might be my least favorite song of all time (formerly held by "You spin me round, round baby, like record baby, round, round."). If I've picked up the gist of the lyrics correctly, protagonist Debbie (now older, married to a CPA and popping pills) thinks back longingly to her best days of bands and her lifestyle from 1985. At least Debbie's formative years weren't being spent listening to drivel from Bowling for Soup! Heck, Debbie probably did have a blast listening to MTV's crap in 1985 and missing the whole song cycles of Husker Du and the Replacements or "easier" but important listening of Elvis Costello, Pretenters & Joe Jackson.

Sophie B. Hawkins - Many of you have heard my sitting in back of Sophie B. on JetBlue from Long Beach stories - They are all true. So, she's got the jean shirt on for a little while and for the grand finale I'm thinking it's a souvenier for someone in the clueless audience. Nope, that one's going back home or to the cleaner. Video interview: Cool bike with high handle bars, but no helmet sends bad message to kids. Actually, a Dukakis once wore a helmet and got rightfully slammed. Round 2: The audience is clapping off the beat - that has to make a performer angry.

Howard Jones - This was talent!! No, really, he wins this contest - the slightly changed version of "No One Is to Blame" was amazing and the Dido cover survived over-exuberant clappers again (thanks to a producer for the fixing the mix). Maybe Howard's Buddhist chanting will help the vote totals?

Irene Cara - Sorry, but all I could think of was that I watching a pretty good drag queen diva in P-Town or at Club Cafe in Boston. Video interview: The show's host is the worst in the history of television. He yells for the entire show and said Irene "Cara" wrong for the whole show. How do I know? In the video interview, I think she explains that her new band is named "Caramel" because people pronounce her name wrong. Cut back to the host and he looks flustered. He says her name correctly once and then butchers it for the rest of the show. Hilarious. Almost as funny as her closing number which was bizarre - she had other vocalists on stage with her - what the heck?!? Besides her cover was insipid:
I'm outta love (I'm outta love) Set me free (Set me free) And let me out this misery (Yeah yeah yeah yeah) Show me the way to get my life again ...

Thought: If the other person is setting you free then why are they also responsible for getting your life again? Maybe it's a quasi-religious affirmation song?

That's it and I am officially done with this show until the Final - a friend is planning a party, I think?


At 12:47 PM, Blogger The Optimist said...


You went into this with the wrong mind set. You were expecting art. The rest of us were hoping for cheese. We got cheese. We were happy.

At 1:02 PM, Blogger DougH said...

So, does the winner get 3 rounds in the ring with Tonya Harding?

At 2:25 PM, Blogger KFW said...

You know I love Nelly as much as the next guy who's never heard one of his songs and has only ever seen him on Cribs, but I thought the Wang boys did a great job with that song. Kind of reminded me of when the Streisand did that Sam Cooke cover.

BTW, Dukakis was in a tank, not a bike.

At 6:49 PM, Blogger KFW said...

Bill Simmons from ESON and Boston Sports Guy fame agrees with you about Howard Jones and Irena Can't Cara a tune,

"On "Hit Me One More Time" last night, the great Howard Jones somehow lost to Irene Cara. How can an '80s icon who pumped out at least 10 quality songs lose to someone who had two? That's an excellent question. Sure, it was partly his fault – he should have played a more upbeat song than "No One is to Blame," and he should have covered Coldplay instead of Dido. But still, it felt like the '80s died last night – when the crowd made its choice, the mutant Australian host was congratulating a stunned Cara, the crowd was going bonkers, and poor Howard Jones was headed back to England and taking the '80s with him. I will now ram a shish kabob needle into my Adam's apple."

At 12:58 PM, Blogger I love SAMMY said...

I don't know what disturbs me more, the fact that Adam watched Wang Chung or that he wrote so much about Wang Chung. Of course, my biggest disappointment was that Night Ranger pulled out of the show. After witnessing the catastrophe that was Loverboy (how does a band competely destroy their own song).

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