Friday, August 18, 2006

Do you Wu?

A brief recap of Wednesday's Wu Tang Clan show at Lupo's in Providence with my soul (and real) brother Nate and his friend Derek.

Arrived late which is just about early for a hip hop show. On arrival, witness the obligatory objectification (self-imposed) of women from the crowd putting their backfield's in motion. Endless presentation gave me opportunity to meet Ghostface Killah (Mr. Killah?) at the merch table - I think we "chilled" and I bought 2 of his shirts.

Again, way too much hyping up of the crowd by some friends of the group or local hangers on. Should be a very simple pre-show system - keep the piped in music playing until the band of gypsies are ready to play.
One at a time entry - the amazing Method Man was first to mention ODB, a 40 and really demonstrate the most energy. Ghost clearly understood that a break for the group should focus on his ability to orgainze private dances from da ladies. At least he worked for it by rapping and moving on stage. ODB tribute provided opportunity for me to "put your BlackBerries in the air." Wait, in memory of Station night club tragedy shouldn't lighters be banned in RI?

Followed by Method Man crowd-walking with impeccable balance. Last cut we stayed for (it was after 1 a.m. on a work night) was the amazing

Surround sound rap lyrics throughout the night (and ID for the different guys on stage) thankfully provided by my bro -

Remember y'all, Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with


At 7:53 AM, Blogger thoughtbrigade said...

Adam, since when is 1 a.m. on a work night late?

At 7:57 AM, Blogger Adam Zand said...

Mr. Night owl, I was home by 3 a.m.. Still managed to win a softball game and lead audience interaction at Snakes on a Plane the next night after 4 hours of sleep.


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