Thursday, August 11, 2005

Can men learn from Sex and the City??

This is very interesting topic and on first site most men would have the automatic reaction "Hell No!!" but let me give some insight on the show.

First women really have been portrayed as either the domestic type or lack of a better word slut on TV. Sex and City explores the issues that yes women want to get married but they have urges and desires just like men do. We ALL have those occasional flings that we would like to forget every happened.

Second women can talk about other things besides shoes (yes that topic is covered and we all enjoy it) but they explore why women are so insecure (take the episode when the 4 ladies are eating chinese food and look at a cover a magazine and all freak out over their thighs, arms, bellies, what have you).

Third the show is just hillarious (watch it on TBS if you don't have HBO but you are missing some good scenes) like how Carrie is broken up with by a "post it" note and is arrested for smoking pot, Charlotte and the Rabbit (Enough said), Samatha posting flyers about Richard all over NYC, and I could go on just to give you a glimpse.

You need to watch and learn boys some very valuable material in this show that you are missing out on!!


At 10:35 AM, Blogger SillyBahrainiGirl said...

men never learn...
THREE full stops!

At 11:53 AM, Blogger KFW said...

We DO learn from this show.

We learn that we are lucky to be married.

We learned that we are lucky not to have to deal with neurotic NYC women.

We learned that the power of TV can make even horribly unattractive women like Sarah Jessica Parker (woof, woof) look semi-hot.

We learn that the writing on regular TV pales in comparison to HBO.

We learned that a TV show can go on for several years after its peak.

We learned that women are just like men...lying, cheating, self absorbed, imperfect people.

At 7:42 PM, Blogger Tom F said...

I'd have to agree with kfw regarding the quality of HBO writing versus regular TV.

In the case of Sex and the City, I was definitely a typcal male skeptic, who wouldn't have given the show a chance if my wife hadn't been so into it. When Maria first started watching Sex and the City, I'd go to the other room and read a book. Then there were a few occasions when I happened to be peering into the refrigerator, and bits of dialogue from the TV caught my ear. Eventually, the quality of the writing drew me in and by the time the season ended last year, I had been completely converted into a fan.

The fact that each episode is only thirty minutes and packs in so much silliness, biting humor, and some moments of pathos, still impresses me. The writers managed to balance the humor with very true human frailties and insecurities that apply to men and women.

And when it comes to being single and trying to find your place in the world, not to mention the trials and tribulations of seeking a compatible partner, every day life does seem kind of funny yet sad and often lonely - a true human comedy - which was really the essence of the show.


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